Project Update

The Economic Development Strategy Update & Action Plan 2017-2022 was prepared by MDB Insight in collaboration with the Economic and Business Development Department for the City of Spruce Grove and Spruce Grove’s Economic Development Advisory Committee to Council (EDAC).

On April 11th EDAC reviewed the DRAFT Economic Development Strategy Update & Action Plan and recommended that the Strategy be finalized and brought forward to City Council for approval.  We welcome your final comments which can be submitted using the form below until May 15th at 4:30pm.

Economic Development Strategy Update & Action Plan 2017-2022

Please provide your feedback using the form below.

A key consideration in preparing the EDS & Action Plan 2017-2022 was the degree of community engagement and support secured. This approach would ensure that the plan was informed by a broad range of perspectives, experiences and ideas.  In order to solicit the broadest range of input and ensure that information is made available in a timely way throughout the process, the following engagement activities were undertaken:

Engagement Activities

  • Stakeholder Interviews – Selected interviews with business, organization, community and regional leaders were conducted by telephone and in person. These interviews provided insight into the local economic advantages and challenges in running a business in Spruce Grove.
  • On-Line Surveys – An on-line Community Survey and a telephone Business Survey were conducted asking a series of questions pertaining to the quality of life in Spruce Grove, gaps and opportunities, community vision and needs.
  • Public Engagement –Following the consultation process the strategy will be available on the project website, inviting general public to provide feedback on the draft strategy.
  • EDAC Meeting Presentation – the DRAFT strategy will be presented to members of EDAC, at which time members will review the document and prepare a recommendation that the strategy be approved by Council.
  • Council Presentation –A presentation to Council will highlight key components of the strategy, summarize stakeholder input, and final approval of the strategy will be requested.

Your feedback is important.