City of Spruce Grove Strategic Plan

Building an Exceptional City, the City's 2015-2035 strategic plan outlines Spruce Grove City Council's vision for the future of Spruce Grove. The 2016 Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan Update is informed by the strategic plan. To learn more about the strategic plan click the icon above. To learn more about the 2016 Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan Update read on below.

About The Project

The City of Spruce Grove is undertaking a review and update of its Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan. Our existing strategy called “Partnerships for Prosperity 2010-2020” was approved by City Council in 2010 to provide direction to the City’s economic and business development efforts. “Partnerships for Prosperity” is intended to be a 10 year strategy but updated every 5 years to maintain it as an evergreen document. This update is intended to cover the 2017-2022 period and would be reviewed again in 2020.

The updated economic development strategic and action plan will be based on research that identifies trends in the regional economy and will identify the role and responsibilities for the City of Spruce Grove and its partners in building and supporting a strong community. The strategy will continue to guide decision making for the City of Spruce Grove over the long term by incorporating sustained input from business and community leaders and a vision to build a strong and investment ready economy.

To complete these studies, the City has retained the services of MDB Insight a strategic planning and economic development specialist consultancy with extensive experience working with communities and regions across Canada and Alberta. MDB Insight will work with City staff to build upon the City’s recent economic development successes.

Leading this project is the City of Spruce Grove’s Economic Development Department and the City’s Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC).

A Three Stage Approach

The Economic Development Strategy Update will implement a three stage process. This process will answer the following key questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

Our ‘where are we now’ stage is focused on a comprehensive assessment of Spruce Grove’s current economic situation, together with an inventory of community assets that inform the City’s economic development and marketing efforts; a perspective on the positive and negative aspects of locating a business in Spruce Grove; and the City’s role and impact on the broader regional economy.

Our ‘Where do we want to go’ stage is focused on the consultation requirements of the project. This stage will provide a clear understanding of the comparative advantages of the community and what they hope to achieve in the future. It also is effective in identifying “gap” areas or constraints to economic development. The primary outcome of this phase will be an assessment of the strategic directions set out in the existing economic development strategy and the identification of potential changes or refocus based on present conditions.

Our ‘How do we get there’ stage identifies the objectives and tactics that need to be undertaken in order to support the City’s economic and business development efforts and the meet the needs of the stakeholder community. An important consideration in this regard will be the development of economic development metrics that provide elected officials, EDAC and the target audience for the strategy with an appreciation of the nature and competitiveness of Spruce Grove’s economy.